Humanist Manufacturing:
A Humanitarian Approach to Excellence in High-Impact Plant Operations


Can putting humanity first help unlock earning potential? Discover cutting-edge innovations for positive environmental and social impact, leading to greater profitability.

Are you worried about attracting and retaining the right employees? Are you tired of the modern-day profits-above-people mentality? Struggling with a desire to balance improving environmental and social challenges with your bottom line? With nearly three decades in the manufacturing field and fifteen years of sustainability research, Dr. Joe Sprangel first used his extensive knowledge to develop an MBA program focused on excellence in sustainable corporate practices. Now he’s here to lay out a revolutionary framework for human-centered business models to move us toward a more moral and beneficial future.

Humanist Manufacturing: A Humanitarian Approach to Excellence in High-Impact Plant Operations is a valuable resource for industry leaders or those looking to become one, seeking to reimagine the stagnant status quo while improving productivity. Surveying real-world examples of exceptional companies and 40 years of studying organizational excellence, Dr. Sprangel outlines the practical strategies and structures needed to construct a dignified yet competitive workplace. And as you rebuild your guiding purpose from the inside out, you’ll create a positive asset for your stakeholders while ensuring prosperity and transformation.

In Humanist Manufacturing, you’ll discover:
• An A-to-Z, in-depth introduction to humane management theory for facilitating purposeful careers
• Tips for developing an ESG culture that promotes quality and loyalty among staff
• How defining a compelling purpose can help you recruit and keep star players
• Why completely overhauling your structure will encourage meaningful and long-term advantages
• How humanist manufacturing operations have the potential to be a vital contributor working to develop thriving communities, in particular for individuals on the autism spectrum, handicapped, BIPOC, previously incarcerated, returning veterans, and women
• Thought-provoking questions, nearly 200 curated recommendations to inspire your research journey, and much more!

Humanist Manufacturing is a step-by-step guide for reinventing business blueprints to foster planet-friendly, person-first commerce. If you like comprehensive systems, progressive success stories, and thinking outside the box, you’ll love Dr. Joe Sprangel’s good-hearted how-to manual.

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"He gives us a turn-by-turn guide on infusing integrity and respect into your leadership style, product design, and manufacturing strategy."
– Chris Cain – Neighborhood Economist

"Filled with compelling examples of success and countless resources, the Humanist Manufacturing framework provides leaders with a step-by-step plan for a sustainable future."  
– Jair Drooger – Co-Founder/Founder – CT Assist, The WellMent Company (Certified B Corporation), & MSL Consulting

"If you want to learn what it looks like to operate a manufacturing company in a Humanist way, Joe Sprangel’s book is a must-read."
– Jennifer Hancock – Founder  – Humanist Learning Systems  

"With questions for reflection and additional readings relevant to each chapter it is designed to be on your desk as opposed to on your shelf.  It is full of actionable ideas that can be applied both every day and during times of strategic thinking and planning."
– Fred Keller – Founder and Chair – Cascade Engineering – A Certified B Corporation

"Manufacturing companies that follow Joe Sprangel's recommendation of adopting the B Corp model within his humanist manufacturing framework can also draw great people with a sense of purpose.  Furthermore, organizations that use this business framework can become integral partners making a similar positive impact in their communities."
– Michael Pirron – Founder & CEO – Impact Makers – A Certified B Corporation

"It’s not just for manufacturers, either. Most of my clients are service businesses and I will be sharing Dr. Sprangel’s ideas with them."
– Jan Triplett, Ph.D. CBTAC – CEO – Business Success Center

"By using the principles of humanism and applying them to the science of manufacturing, Joe has created a framework that helps professionals who are currently working in manufacturing, employees who are starting out, as well as students who are looking to better understand what manufacturing can be when the components of the manufacturing system are optimized."
– Joanne Tritsch, Ph.D. –  MBA Director & Assistant Professor – Mary Baldwin University