Humanistic manufacturing is defined as a manufacturing approach that prioritizes dignity, values, and human welfare. When everyone has an opportunity to have their basic needs met for a healthy life, there is also a potential for everyone to achieve their highest potential.
THE Mission
Balancing Manufacturing Through Environmental, Financial, and Social Success

"There is increasing pressure from a wide variety of stakeholders for the manufacturing industry to move away from a singular focus on the financial bottom line.  

Leaders are facing a growing expectation that they also must positively improve their plant operations' environmental and social impacts. Impeccably, there is increasing evidence that being environmentally and socially responsible also leads to improved financial performance. The admirable result is greater well-being for all company stakeholders."

Joe Sprangel
Principal Consultant
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Making a difference.

Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability helps business leaders to build organizations that attract and sustain top talent that can delight customers while optimizing organizational success.

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The manufacturing sector is facing increasing challenges to produce the products and services needed by their customers to include:

· An aging baby boomer workforce
· A growing employment gap
· The industry has seen a decline in employment-interest by younger generations
· Supply chain disruptions
· The increasing sophistication of technology
· Growing global competition
· Demand for improved environmental and social performance

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What our clients are saying...

ESS performed work on behalf of the Shenandoah Valley Partnership to position our organization for a workforce grant. Joe Sprangel’s depth of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing environment assured two-fold results.  First, he spoke the manufacturing language and easily conversed with our manufacturers. Second, his depth of knowledge allowed him to analyze the manufacturing feedback and provide a concise and cogent report of our manufacturing situation and opportunities to address the circumstances.

Jay Langston – Executive Director – Shenandoah Valley Partnership

My limited interaction with Joe has been two conversations and a review of his website and responsible manufacturing framework.  However, my initial impression is that he understands the needs of manufacturers that desire to become a more sustainable operation that can further contribute to their community's vitality and make the world a better place.

Fred Keller - Founder - Cascade Engineering

Joe has that rare combination of experience, practicality,and thought leadership required to drive transformational change.

Jair Drooger - Co-Founder -The WellMent Company

Joe Sprangel helped our organization at a pivotal point in our B Corp certification process.  He provided thoughtful insights and guidance as we navigated the application process and organizational implementation of policies and systems.  Joe is extremely knowledgeable and it is a pleasure working with him.  If you are considering incorporating as a public benefit corporation or becoming B Corp certified, we would highly recommend engaging Joe Sprangel.

Jane Doe – HR Executive – Pharmaceutical Industry

Joe Sprangel has been invaluable to SCCF and the clients we serve. He has given great operational advice to SCCF as an organization and led a key class in our Business Bootcamp series for over 4 years now. He is an engaging instructor that makes operational and financial topics more approachable for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. We love working with Joe and hope to keep him as part of our instructional team for years to come.

Debbie Irwin - Executive Director - Shenandoah Community Capital Fund

Joe is a very rare and valuable combination of a strategic mind, a visionary outlook, and a practical implementer.  His deep understanding of people has been honed by his notable real-world /industry accomplishments and then further inspired by his academic endeavors.  His humble approach often hides the genius beneath, but spend a little time with him, and you'll quickly learn what capacity, perspective, and opportunity he can bring to your organization

Peter Denbigh - Chief Chaos Creator - Skyler Innovations & Chief Instigator - Staunton Innovation Hub

I’ve known Dr. Joe Sprangel as a colleague, supervisor, and friend for more than 10 years. In that time, I have felt privileged to work beside someone who is skilled at balancing productivity and compassion all at once. Joe is efficient, thorough, and thoughtful in his approach to a challenge; he is process-oriented, yet he never forgets the human capital involved in the process. He is realistic about the obstacles but is tenacious about finding ways to problem solve, always seeking the best solution for all stake holders. I have a deep level of trust in Joe and his ability to guide and lead a large organization or a small team of colleagues, and would recommend him without hesitation.

Cat McPherson – Chair of Business & Associate Professor – Mary Baldwin University

So many theorists and consultants become specialists bound to one philosophy or one methodology. Joe Sprangel is a generalist in the best sense of the word. He understands the theory supporting the numerous methods that can be used to improve processes and businesses as well as our daily lives.  Instead of seeing Kaizen or Lean, he understands the solid ideas that make up process improvement. Joe embodies transformation in the way he has encouraged me to see the connections between different methodologies and to explore new ways of solving problems and improving the lives of our students.  His creation of the program that became the original MBA@MBU, as well as directing the structure of the MBA@MBU 2.0 has allowed us to offer some of the best and most cutting-edge classes in the field today. His views on transformation and sustainability go beyond the politically correct and the current buzz to embrace the true meaning of the words so that the power of those concepts can be embodied in today's organizations.  While his roots may be firm in manufacturing, Joe's grasp of business and human nature allows his skill set to be easily applied to help service, government, and non-profit organizations.  His understanding of business transcends the actual output to encompass the idea of systems thinking at its best.

Joanne Tritsch – MBA Director & Assistant Professor –Mary Baldwin University
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