September 18, 2022

Dave Regnery – The Trane Conductor

Trane Technologies is committed to taking a leadership role in responsible manufacturing. Their passion for challenging what seems possible leads to a more sustainable world. The company's commitment to a sustainability strategy produces beneficial and meaningful results for its many internal and external stakeholders.
It's Hard to Stop a Trane

In recent weeks we have looked at the manufacturing sustainability efforts of HARBEC and Rodon Group.  This week's focus is on Trane Technologies, the Thermo King and Trane HVAC product manufacturer.  Some of us know them for the humorous advertisements where they subjected their equipment to over-the-top conditions that did not stop the Trane.  Yet, despite what they do, their Trane keeps on running.  What is less known is the significant work the company is doing where they state, "Today, innovation that inspires – tomorrow, a healthier plant."

"With our 2030 Commitments, we've set the pace for positive change in our industry.  Change that can have a transformative impact on our planet, and for future generations.  What we do today will create a better, stronger world tomorrow." – Dave Regnery
The New Conductor

Dave Regnery is the CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Trane Technologies as of June 2021.  He was known as the president and chief operating officer who had worked in concert with the departing CEO of Mike Lamach.  Lamach described Dave as the "co-architect of our transformation as a focused climate innovator." As a result, Trane would move forward with a leader that knows the industry, how to successfully integrate sustainability megatrends, an understanding of the needs of their customers, and how to maximize outcomes for company stakeholders.  A career company man, he fully embraces the work to continue the position of Trane as a sustainable manufacturing exemplar.

Embedded in Their Corporate DNA

Trane is committed to taking a leadership role in responsible manufacturing .  Their homepage prominently displays sustainability goals, and the theme continues throughout the website.  The company has plans that include:

• The gigaton challenge - The company has stated a goal of a one gigaton reduction of their customers’ footprint by 2030.  In addition, they are creating innovative technologies to increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems they manufacture, decrease food loss through refrigeration systems, and integrate next-generation refrigerants.

• Leading by example – Trane works through a restorative environment approach throughout the company and its supply chain.  The focus is on becoming a carbon-neutral operation with zero landfill waste, net positive water use, and a ten percent reduction in energy consumption.

• Creating opportunity for all – An inclusive approach is underway to become a workforce that reflects their community, provides gender parity in leadership positions, and provides green STEM career pathways.

• Environmental actions – Trane seeks to be part of the solution in reducing record greenhouse gas emissions, solving the issues arising from increased urbanization, and slowing the ever-growing energy and resource consumption demand.

• Social – Our people and citizenship – They are investing in creating more significant opportunities for their teams and communities.  The work focuses on long-term well-being through improved economic mobility and quality of life.

• Governance and accountability – The board of directors and councils have strong sustainability governance structures to evaluate the organization's climate risk and sustainability initiatives.

Trane's comprehensive plan produces the results that show they are achieving the desired objectives.

Image Credit: Trane Technologies
Sustainability Strategy Success

Their 2021 Trane Technologies Annual Report shares evidence that the passion for challenging what currently seems possible can lead to a more sustainable world and success in many ways.  Examples include:

• Customers – The sustainable solutions they have developed led to record-breaking sales of products with lower energy consumption and emissions.

• Environment – Their innovative technology reduces the carbon footprints of the company and its many customers.

• People and communities – They continue to build a stronger sense of belonging in an engaged and diverse workforce that creates more sustainable communities.

• Shareholders – The sustainability strategy results are a robust balance sheet, significant cash flow, and top financial performance.

The company continues to drive a positive environmental, financial, and social impact by providing products using responsible manufacturing practices that lessen the carbon footprint of their customers - one house and one business at a time.

Key Takeaway

Trane Technologies is committed to taking a leadership role in responsible manufacturing.   Their passion for challenging what seems possible leads to a more sustainable world.  In addition, the company's commitment to a sustainability strategy produces beneficial and meaningful results for its many internal and external stakeholders.    

First Step

In the 2021 Trane Technologies Annual Report letter to shareholders, Regnery lists the leadership principles that guide the company to "boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world."  I encourage everyone to audit their current actions against these principles.  Then, consider steps to take to increase each of us makes on the world.  

My Gratitude

A recurring theme in my gratitude is for pioneers in sustainable manufacturing.  For example, before 2010, Trane complied with environmental and safety regulations.  A decision resulting in a path to significant success in shifting from compliance to keep regulators satisfied to instead becoming a climate innovator.  Their success in all areas of the triple bottom line of people, profit, and the planet should encourage others to begin their sustainability transformation.  

Sneak Peek

Next week's blog will examine the Climate Take Back™ program by Interface.  The result is to lessen the negative environmental impact and align with the humanist manufacturing framework.  

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