Joe Sprangel
Principal Consultant



I bring a unique blend of experience across industry sectors and vertically within organizations from entry level positions to the board room.  This allows me a comprehensive perspective of each employee’s opportunity to be successful in making a positive contribution to the desired sustainability transformation.  This is combined with a personality profile well aligned with assessing the current state, leading the work to develop a desired future state, developing an implementation plan, and supporting the work in the development of an efficient and effective strategic sustainability plan.

Industry Experience

  • 5 Why
  • Continuous improvement
  • Engineering management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Lean  operations
  • Machine design
  • Machine rebuild & repair
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Non profit boards
  • Operations management
  • Plant layout
  • Plant management
  • Process engineering
  • Process failure mode & effects analysis
  • Process flow charts
  • Project management
  • QS & ISO 9000 & ISO 14001
  • Strategic planning in the academic, for-profit & non-profit sectors
  • Sustainability
  • United State Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia Examiner 2022

Academic Experience

  • Doctorate of Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University
  • Master of Business Administration from Spring Arbor University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University
  • Associate of Mechanical Engineering Technology from Lawrence Technological University
  • Certificate in Machine Repair
  • Academic & industry research
  • Academic administration experience
  • Curriculum development at the course, major & program levels
  • Developed online operations strategic plan
  • Dissertation committee member
  • Graduate & undergraduate teaching experience
  • Research in chemical management services, for-benefit sector, strategic planning, & sustainability

Personality Profile

  • CliftonStrengths Top 10 – | Analyst – Search for reasons & causes with the ability to think about all factors that might affect a situation | Strategic – Create alternative ways to proceed & can quickly spot relevant patterns | Achiever – Work hard & possess a great deal of stamina & take immense satisfaction in being busy & productive| Responsibility – Take psychological ownership of what I say of what they will do with commitment to stable values such as honesty & loyalty | Relator – Chose close relationships with others & they find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal| Ideation – Fascinated by ideas & able to find connections seemingly disparate phenomena | Connectedness – Have faith in links among all things believing there are few coincidences & that almost everything has meaning| Learner – A great desire to learn & continuously improve where the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them | Belief – Have certain core values that are unchanging with values that emerge for lives of purpose | Maximizer – Focus on strengths in a way to stimulate personal & group excellence to transform something strong into something superb |
  • Herman Brain Dominance Index – | A Quadrant – 95 score that is a very strong desire in the preference areas of analytical, logical, mathematical, & problem solving | B Quadrant – 87 score that is a very strong desire in the preference areas of administrative, conservative, controlled, organizational, & planning | D Quadrant – 66 score that is a strong desire in the preference areas of artistic, conceptualizing, holistic, imaginative, & synthesizing | C Quadrant – 32 score that is a tertiary interest in the preference areas of emotional, interpersonal, musical, spiritual, & talker |

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